Arpeggiator Appeal for Donations

The HAWK-800 arpeggiator is now available in the latest software version. But before downloading it, we are making an appeal for a donation of $25 from you. We only ask this because the software has been free in the past and will be free in future but the arpeggiator required a significant number of work hours to create. And in order to keep the HAWK-800 project going, we would appreciate your support and $25 would seem to be a reasonable ask. The section below allows you to click on the Paypal link to make a donation. And the section underneath is for downloading the software. There is nothing to stop you immediately downloading the software. We are making our request for a donation entirely based on the tradition of an honor system and trust that you support the HAWK-800 and would like to see it continue. When you make the donation, we say


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