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HAWK-800P kit
Intended for the Korg Poly 800 Mk1 keyboard (both reverse and normal keys) and is $129 USD.
HAWK-800MK2 kit
Intended for the Korg Poly 800 Mk2 keyboard and is $129 USD.
HAWK-800EX kit
This kit works in the Korg EX800 synthesizer module and is $129 USD.
AtomaHawk kit
You can install an AtomaHawk in a Poly-800 MK1, a Poly-800 MK2 and an EX-800. You must have the HAWK-800 kit installed before you install the AtomaHawk kit. The AtomaHawk kit is $49 USD.
HAWK-800 BOOT ROM upgrade
NOTE: You do NOT need to order a boot ROM when you order the HAWK-800 kit. The BOOT ROM upgrade is for older versions of the HAWK that could not be upgraded through software (or for those unlucky enough to brick their HAWK). Contact us before ordering a BOOT ROM.


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