Welcome to the HAWK-800 Installation forum

Questions about installing the HAWK-800 kit and methods for testing and troubleshooting.
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Welcome to the HAWK-800 Installation forum

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Welcome to the HAWK-800 installation forum. Here, we will discuss all topics related to constructing, installing and troubleshooting the HAWK-800 kit as it is installed into a Poly-800 (PS-800), an EX-800 or a Poly-800 MkII.

Don't forget to make use of the search facility up in the top right hand corner. Perhaps the question you want to ask has already been already answered.
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Re: Welcome to the HAWK-800 Installation forum

Post by isaacanthony »


Just picked up an ex-800 in pretty good condition. Of course I want to get it modded, I have questions about your kit...

Does it contain pots/potentiometers? I'd rather have cv jacks than knobs for control, as I have a decent eurorack kit, and it would be sweet to control the EX with my eurorack CV...

Also! I opened it up to clean out the switches, because some of them were pretty sticky, and I managed to lose one of the tiny copper contact plates, because I'm dumb. Do you have any idea where to pick up replacement parts?


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Re: Welcome to the HAWK-800 Installation forum

Post by mhawkins »

The HAWK and AtomaHawk have no pots at all. All control is via MIDI CC's.

There is no general place to get parts for the EX-800. You're going to have to find a dead EX-800 for spares.

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Re: Welcome to the HAWK-800 Installation forum

Post by Kyle800 »

Hello, I just ordered the hawk 800 and atomahawk kits. Will my synth still sound and operate completely the same unless it’s through midi? I was hoping I could access most of these features through the controls on the board. Also, I bought circuit benders kit to add potentiometers for cutoff/reso. Etc. will these controls be able to control the moog slayer mod that comes in your kit? Can these two mods coexist? This is all new to me... Will your kit improve the synth onboard at all or is it only midi control improvements? I would love to be able to access the hawk features straight from the onboard menu and added circuit benders controls. 🙏🏼 Thank you - Kyle800

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