We've been producing the HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk kits since 2007. We sell about 50 kits every year - that's not many so we don't make a profit - at all. But we keep producing these kits because we love the Poly-800. The synth was ridiculed and scorned by 'professional' musicians back in 1983 when it first hit the market. And the poor old Poly-800 is still being condemned and derided as an inferior instrument even today. We didn't like the criticism back then and we certainly don't like it now. For many of us, the Poly-800 was the first synth we had because it was the only synth we could afford. And it had plenty of limitations because it was cheap. But times have changed (a bit - ya think?) and we created the HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk kits to show the world how great the Poly-800 can be. And oh what a difference these kits make!

HAWK-800 Product Status - 2020

AtomaHawk Product Status - 2020

Rack Kit Status - 2020

Joystick Assembly Status - 2020

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