HAWK-800 Technical Support

Welcome to the technical support pages for the HAWK-800 and associated components and softwares. Below you will find various sections with explanations and links to help you get the most out of your upgraded Poly-800. Troubleshooting information is also provided and hints and tips too.

Software and Documentation Packages

Each new version of the HAWK-800 software is packaged into a ZIP file along with the corresponding documentation, release notes and other associated files. Those ZIP files are then made available for download on the 'hawk800' project sourceforge site.
The latest version of the software is also available direct from: HERE
The lastest and previous software versions can be downloaded from: HERE.

Below are links to documentation, technical support and utilities.

HAWK-800 - Post Installation Quick Start

HAWK-800 - Question and Answers with Mike

Support Forums

Hawky Stick

Additional Resources

Original Korg binary code

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