What is it?

The HAWK-800 is an electronic hardware upgrade kit that is installed into the Korg Poly-800 MK1 music synthesizer or the similar EX-800 (desktop/rack module) or the later MK2 model. Each kit uses new (free) software that is uploaded into flash memory that is within the new hardware. The new hardware and software of the HAWK-800 kit enhances your Poly-800 with amazing new sound capabilites and MIDI controls and also many new user performance features. The AtomaHawk kit is another hardware upgrade kit for the Poly-800 (all models) that gives you control over the popular mods known as Moog Slayer (extreme resonance), FM-800 (DCO modulation of VCF) and 12/24db per octave filter slope. The AtomaHawk kit is controlled by the HAWK-800 hardware kit so you must already have the HAWK-800 installed before you can install the AtomaHawk. With both the HAWK-800 and AtomaHawk kits installed you have a revolutionized synthesizer that has had new life breathed into it. Installation of the kits requires some prior electronics hardware assembly skills and tools. Prior experience is highly recommended before attempting to install these kits yourself.

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